50 Clever Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Clubs

You can set up various booths throughout your school with rose purchases. The downside is that students will need to bring money with them, and many might forget. Younger kids and primary school systems might do better with candy flowers or candy grams, which they can exchange with classmates. Instead of selling flowers in bundles, look at selling individual roses to save money. Lastly, to save money, host the dance at your school and use teachers and volunteers to help curb some of the upfront costs.
Discover other fundraising ideas and products for your preschool. To make selling easier you can post pictures on social media and even take orders online. Having good quality images will entice your supporters and make selling even easier! Time your bake sale for when they are picking up their children or co-ordinate it with another daycare event. A bake sale is a simple and delicious way to raise funds in a short amount of time.
Then, throughout the week, set up some prominent clues for students to notice. This idea can be tricky to pull off, but it’s a fantastic way to get your school’s students and families involved in supporting your PTO. Parents and students love these events, so they’re sure to be a hit with your whole school community. This can be a great way to promote reading while raising some quick funds.
A school picnic is a fantastic way to get kids out of the cafeteria and into the sunshine on a nice spring day, while also earning money for your school. This works great in addition to another fun event, such as a carnival or field day. Gather bold teachers and staff willing to brave the dunk tank for a good cause. You can charge for general admission or for participation in individual games.
This is indeed a fun way to raise money for your school while involving students and their families. Ask students and their families, faculty, and staff to donate their gently used items for the sale. The key to a successful sale event is promotion, so promote it like there’s no tomorrow. Although they often do, schools should not underestimate the value of fundraising. Without a solid fundraising plan, schools miss out on launching exciting new programs and initiatives to improve the quality of their students’ educations. Have students pledge to read for a certain amount of time and get sponsored by their community members.
These bottles have a large 20 ounce capacity and are totally BPA-free! You can also mix and match the lid colors, making these great school promotional items for a parade or festival in your community. Pencils are a must in elementary classrooms, but why not kick it up a notch with the Neon Wood Pencils? They come in 5 bright colors and are topped with a matching eraser. These school promotional products are great for book fairs, community fundraisers, and events like concerts or talent shows. Whether fundraising schools ’re a preschool, college, or somewhere in between, you can use school swag for picnics, fundraisers, campus events, and field trips.
Seasonal shoppers offer a marvelous variety of gifts that are sure to attract buyers from all your family and friends. There are scrumptious snacks like my favorites, mint melties and pecan caramel clusters. For students, friends, and family it’s a fun opportunity to get people together and enjoy an evening while raising money for a great cause.