10 Fundraising Ideas Your Whole School Will Love

It’s the perfect time to start planning a Halloween fundraising party for your school club or sports team. Sell event tickets to friends and classmates and secure additional donations by charging for particular activities or treats. Another popular fundraising idea where families donate their unwanted items and these are sold on the day. Often combined with a bake sale and other fun fundraising ideas such as nail painting, fortune telling, hook a duck etc. A costume contest is a super easy, flexible school fundraising idea that can be easily added to another event, like a fall pep rally or dance marathon. To maximize profits, have participants ask donors to sponsor them for the privilege of entering the costume contest.
WEDO Charity Auctions is an excellent mobile bidding platform to help you engage your supporters during your auction program. Use an event registration site (or FanAngel’s event registration feature) to sell tickets. Use an auction at a hosted event or our online auction campaign to get the most out of these “rentals”. The various “A-Thon” fundraiser is like putting Ask Letter, Contextualized Crowdfunding on (dare I say) steroids. This variation has all the benefits AND can amplify your returns, BUT there is a little more setup and management. Leveraging what you have is the best ways to make money fast and easy.
For this fundraiser, students and staff can donate a certain amount (usually $5 to $10) to give a candy gram to someone. Then, on fundraising ideas for high school , the candy grams are delivered around the school. Pie throws let students have some harmless fun with their teachers while fundraising. Then, students can donate a certain amount to throw a pie at the faculty.
Schools often use reputable suppliers for cookie dough fundraisers, offering a variety of classic and gourmet flavors to attract supporters. Since Sports Days involve a lot of waiting around, there’s a lot you can do to help the parents fill the time and refresh themselves (and raise funds at the same time). Use Donorbox Events to set up a beautiful event page and ticketing form for your talent show. Add as many ticket tiers as you need to the ticketing form.
Be sure to invite sponsors to provide water, sports beverages, and healthy snacks at the end of the race and a comfortable place to mingle with other families after the walk. Consider setting up a peer-to-peer fundraising event and use a video game day as an incentive. Peer-to-peer fundraisers work best for big campaigns and small, team-centric fundraisers. Give your kids a chance to shine AND make an impact… and then reward them with an awesome day at school.
Fundraising is a wonderful way for schools to raise money for student activities, new classroom materials, and so much more. If you’re organizing a school fundraiser, sometimes the most difficult part of the planning process is choosing a type of event. To help you get started, we’ve gathered twenty of the best fundraising ideas for schools. We’ve been conscious to choose types of fundraisers for every age group, season, and budget to ensure you find one that fits your needs.
Suggest fundraising by collecting recyclable items and taking them to local depots in exchange for money. Our $15 Heritage Fundraising Candles are the most affordable 55 hour burn time candle in the fundraising industry. Designed specifically to be sold as fundraising candles, these are some of the finest candles available today. They are hand-poured, highly fragrant, long burning, and affordably priced.
But with a well-developed fundraising toolkit, you’ll have all that you need to make fundraising easy and fun. School dances give high school students the chance to let loose and create cherished memories with their friends. Elementary students will do pretty much anything to get out of class for a while, including giving a few dollars to the school fundraiser to watch a popular film.
Nonprofit organizations are big fans of this campaign style because it dramatically expands their online communities in an organic way. Set up the categories in advance; otherwise, you’ll have people bringing a little of everything. For example, you can have a “Chili & Pie Cook Off”, or just one or the other. The key to raising money is advertising and selling many tickets to your event beforehand. The nice thing about a cook-off is that competitors ‘bring their meat’.